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You are a gun for hire with nothing to your name but your rifle and a single bullet. You have a special gift. You can control this bullet. Your objectives: take jobs, kill, build your reputation, and work your way up the crime ladder.

Ride the Bullet is a cross-platform game about speed, quick reflexes, and glorious ragdoll pixel-people death. In it you play as a gun for hire with the ability to steer a bullet. You will fire this bullet through various levels, completing the jobs given to you by your clients. The game includes a series of individual fast-paced steering puzzles where you'll find yourself breaking up shady deals in abandoned warehouses or even assassinating mob bosses in their own homes.

UPDATE: Now includes a functional, but not pristine Oculus Rift build. Enjoi!

  • Over 35 levels ranging in difficulty from "walk in the park" to "my fingers don't work anymore and I hate RadJor."
  • Simple bullet steering mechanic. If you have stubs instead of hands, we've got you covered. The focus is on speed, destruction, and quick reflexes rather than complex controls.
  • A gripping tale of love, revenge, deceit, and ragdoll physics.
  • A cast of characters, facially acted out by MASSIVELY POPULAR youtubers (like iDubbbz AND MORE), small game devs, gamers, and wild outdoorsmen alike. Wow.

What you'll get for your purchase:

Copies of Ride the Bullet for Windows, Mac OSX, Linux, and Android, as well as a thrown together Oculus Rift build.

Note: Linux version not well tested

For more info on this and my other endeavors, or if you just want to connect with a lone, struggling indie dev, follow me @RadJor64

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Buy Now$3.99 USD or more

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